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CVE-2020-3752 (acrobat, Acrobat_dc, Acrobat_reader, Acrobat_reader_dc)

CVE-2020-3752 (acrobat, Acrobat_dc, Acrobat_reader, Acrobat_reader_dc)

adobe acrobat reader adobe acrobat reader

CVE-2020-3752. HIGH. Information; CPEs (10); Plugins (4). Description. Adobe Acrobat.... Acrobat DC et Acrobat Reader DC versions antrieures 2020.006.20034 ... ... WindowsAcrobat DC 2019.021.20061Acrobat Reader DC ... CVE, CVE-2020-3752, CNNVD-ID, CNNVD-202002-636.. Acrobat DC version 2019.021.20061 and earlier; Acrobat Reader DC ... Heap Overflow Vulnerability ( CVE-2020-3742 ) ... CVE-2020-3752. Source: Adobe APSB20-05. Industry Reference: CVE-2020-3752 ... Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Continuous for Macintosh 2017.011.30161. Adobe Acrobat DC Classic for Windows 2015.006.30512. Adobe Acrobat DC Classic.... Adobe Acrobat: APSB20-05 (CVE-2020-3752): Security update available for Adobe Acrobat and Reader | APSB20-05 ... adobe-acrobat-dc-upgrade-20-006-20034-windows; adobe-acrobat-reader-dc-upgrade-20-006-20034-macosx.... Affected Versions: Acrobat DC Continuous 2019.021.20061 and earlier versions. Acrobat Reader DC Continuous 2019.021.20061 and earlier.... Acrobat DC (Continuous) 2019.021.20061 and earlier versions for Windows & macOS; Acrobat Reader DC (Continuous) 2019.021.20061 and earlier versions ... Acrobat Reader 2017 (Classic 2017) 2017.011.30156 and earlier versions ... CVE-2020-3752 Buffer Error leading to Arbitrary Code Execution.. Acrobat Reader DC Continuous earlier than 2020.006.20034. Acrobat 2017 ... Adobe Acrobat DC Continuous Adobe Acrobat ... CVE-2020-37520.0Unknown. Adobe Acrobat and Reader. ... : 11.02.2020. : 0. : ... CVE-2020-3752. Acrobat Reader DC (Continuous track) for Windows & macOS version 2019.021.20061 and earlier ... (CVE-2020-3752, CVE-2020-3754).. Adobe Acrobat DC Update 15.006.30510; Adobe Acrobat DC ... Acrobat Reader DC MUI 20.006.20034; Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 20.006.20034 ... CVE-2020-3755; CVE-2020-3742; CVE-2020-3752; CVE-2020-3754;.... Adobe Acrobat Reader Dc security vulnerabilities, exploits, metasploit modules, vulnerability statistics and list of versions.. Adobe Reader Acrobat ... 2017 (Classic 2017) 2017.011.30158 (Windows); Adobe Acrobat DC ... Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (Classic 2015) 2015.006.30510 ... CVE-2020-3752.. Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, the most severe of which could allow for arbitrary code execution. The vulnerabilities are as follows: Multiple Out-of-Bounds Read vulnerabilities that could allow for Information Disclosure. (CVE-2020-3744, CVE-2020-3747, CVE-2020-3755)

Acrobat DC, Continuous, 2019.021.20061 and earlier versions, Windows & macOS. Acrobat Reader DC, Continuous, 2019.021.20061 and earlier versions, Windows & ... CVE-2020-3749, CVE-2020-3750, CVE-2020-3752, CVE-2020-3754).... CVE-2020-3752 ... Subscribe, Adobe Acrobat DC ... Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: 2019.021.20047, 2019.021.20056, 2019.021.20058,.... Acrobat DC 2019.021.20061 (Windows); 2019.021.20061 (macOS); Acrobat Reader DC. L'11 febbraio 2020 Adobe ha rilasciato aggiornamenti di sicurezza importanti e ... l'esecuzione di codice arbitrario (CVE-2020-3752, CVE-2020-3754). ... Acrobat DC e Acrobat Reader DC versione 2020.006.20034; Acrobat.... cpe:2.3:a:adobe:acrobat_dc:*:*:*:*:classic:*:*:* Show Matching CPE(s), From (including) 15.006.30060, Up to (including) 15.006.30508.


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